Fu*k it, I’m releasing the contents of my book…

Fu*k it, I’m releasing the contents of my book…

Yes. Fu*k it. I’m releasing the contents of my book. I don’t think anyone else has ever done this. And of course this has some commercial reasons to it. So, why did I decided to release it anyway? Well, the whole reason I started writing this book is because of the fact that I want to write a book that I wish I had read before I started my startup. But in order to determine if the book is really something that could help you, it’s interesting to see if the contents are matching your expectations, right? So, that’s reason number 1:

Reason #1

Inform you about where the book is really all about so you can determine if it fits you.


Reason number 2 is just an emotional reason:

Reason #2

I’m too fu*king enthusiastic about my book!!!!


So. Pretty good reasons to release the contents, right? And do you know what? In a future blog post I will release ONE WHOLE CHAPTER of the book also. Just so you can have a feeling on how the book is written.

Explainer: the book has 3 chapters: THINK, BUILD and ACT. I wanted to write a book that starts with “thinking” about your startup, where a lot of mind-set and creativity comes in play. The chapter that follows up on this is “building” the actual thing you’ve came up with. And the final chapter is “acting” like a founder when you need to expand, grow and scale with your startup.

– – –


  • Just start
  • No money?
  • No idea?
  • Target audience
  • Start small
  • Scalability
  • Focus
  • Passion
  • Believe in yourself
  • Keep motivated
  • Dare to learn
  • Start at level 1
  • Proof of concept
  • Early stage funding
  • Co-founder


  • Validate
  • Iterate
  • Learn from others
  • Stuck
  • Work efficient
  • Pricing model
  • Ship ASAP!
  • Getting traction
  • Hooked
  • Create the pain
  • Growth Hacking
  • Product-Market Fit
  • Dynamic roadmap
  • 10 x
  • They stole our idea!


  • The launch
  • Keep optimizing
  • Focus on real data
  • Clients
  • Say no
  • Big, bigger, biggest?
  • Pivot?
  • Marketing is all around
  • Branding
  • Personal branding
  • Build a team
  • Remote work
  • Make decisions
  • Put your ego aside
  • You’re no Superman
  • Be transparent
  • Culture
  • Funding for growth
  • Avoid the hype
  • The real competitor

So… what do you think? πŸ‘‰Β Comment on my post on Instagram, happy to hear from you!

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✏️ Designing the book

✏️ Designing the book