✏️ Designing the book

✏️ Designing the book

The first designs are in! We have a cover and the stylesheet for the illustrations, which will appear before each new chapter. Let’s check them out!

Cover 📘

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the cover already. In fact, you may have even contributed to it. I asked you guys for feedback on different covers and this was the winner:

startup book cover

The main chapters 📖

We have three main chapters titled ‘THINK’, ‘BUILD’ and ‘ACT’, which serve as the main theme throughout the book. These chapters will be visualized like this:

main chapters

The illustrations ✏️

I wanted the book to be visual. Each chapter starts with a relevant visual to set the right tone. Like this one, which will introduce the chapter ‘Just start’:


And this one for the chapter ‘No money’:


Excited to hear your feedback! 🔥